Pollinators and Pesticides


Attendees may earn 3 Pesicide Credits, 3 Arborist Credits, or 3 BCMI or 3 MunicipalĀ  Credits from each section. Both sections will have the same course material.

Class is May 8th 2024, Section isĀ  9-noon and Section 2 is 2-5


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Class will include handling live bees, PPE provided. Please wear long pants, closed toe shoes, avoid strong perfume/cologne.

  • Pollinator Biology Overview: this will mainly focus on honeybees, but will include some information on native pollinators
  • Routes for Pesticide exposure to a hive: Understanding the latest research on pesticide exposure and highlighting the exposure process in water, pollen, nectar, etc.
  • How to avoid impacting pollinators: Understanding product labels, timing, notification, and contact information
  • Hands-on in the hive biology: How to safely handle bees, how to kill bees when needed without impacting other pollinators. Learn to identify pollinators.

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9-noon May 8, 2-5 May 8